Bouncy Castle hire conditions Bounce-Inc inflatable hire West Sussex
It is required that a copy of these Conditions is given to the Hirers/Controllers in addition to the Hirers/ Owners written instructions for the erection and use of the equipment and a signature obtained confirming acceptance. The Hirers/ Controller must ensure operators and attendants are made fully aware of the Conditions of Use &/or Hire and any Health & Safety guidelines or statutory requirements. The site should be cleared of any hazards, e.g. glass and stones etc. and open sides of equipment should be well cushioned, if there is no provision for this in the equipment. The equipment to be sited away from any overhead power lines erected and anchored in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and should not be used in weather conditions contravening manufacturer’s guidelines. Do not use the inflatable if wind speeds exceed force 5 or 25mph (trees in leaf begin to sway) Do not move the inflatable once it has been sited. All equipment is fitted with approved waterproof plugs and sockets. No person shall interfere with the electrical equipment. Ensure that the equipment is supervised at all times by a responsible adult and any boisterous behaviour is stopped. Do not allow anyone to sit on the sides, climb, swing or hang from walls and beams of inflatable’s unless specifically designed to do so. Do not allow anyone to run up or down slides or jump from slide platforms. Do not allow anyone to perform somersaults on any inflatable Do not exceed the manufacturers recommended maximum age of person to use the equipment and never exceed the maximum number recommended by the manufacturer. No mix of children of different sizes, or with adults, on equipment unless specifically designed to do so. Maximum age for this inflatable is :_______________ years On inflatable equipment – Footwear (except socks), and any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects, which could cause injury, or cause damage to the equipment, be removed, such as buckles, pens, purses etc. Spectacles/Hearing Aids etc. are best removed unless absolutely essential. No cigarettes, food or drink to be taken on equipment. Persons under the influence of Drink or Drugs should not be allowed to use the equipment. Should the equipment begin to deflate or fail for any reason it should be evacuated immediately to prevent injury or possible damage to the equipment. Any damage to equipment caused by misuse or neglect, or loss due to the equipment being removed by non-authorised persons, shall deem the hirer/controller liable for full repair or replacement costs and loss of business. I understand Inflatables must not be used in wind speeds of force 5 or 24mph and that I must use an Anemometer to measure wind speed as smartphone apps do not account for local variances . I have read, understood and accept these terms and conditions . Signed......................................... (HIREE/CONTROLLER)
 Signed......................................... (ON BEHALF OF BOUNCE-INC)
 ..................................................... (INFLATABLE)